These Full HD (1920 x 1080) monitors feature great technologies and features that’ll make prolonged screen viewing much more comfortable.

Comfy viewing

Prolonged screen viewing can cause your eyes to become sore and fatigued. Luckily, Acer KA1 series monitors help to lessen these nasty side effects with technologies that reduce screen flicker, ambient glare and irritating blue light.

Adapts to your environment

Low dimming technology adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light. When your surroundings are brightly lit, they’ll turn brightness up. Conversely when it’s dark, they can adjust down to just 15% brightness, which is much lower than competing monitors can go.

Place it right

The position of the screen is also important in ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. Therefore, KA1 series monitors are equipped with adjustable ergonomic screens that can be titled from -5 to 20°. Plus, they’re VESA-complaint, which means they can be mounted on a wall or anything else that’s got a VESA mount on it.